Overview Edit

Hi there, welcome to the Friends List page.

Feel free to put your ID code here and if you need a specific unit in support.

What is this? In-game you are able to use 1 support friend ally in battle. This friend support is determined by the leader unit of your party in game. Please do note that each unique character has a different skill when turned to leader so be sure to experiment on that.

One example is the Death Robot 6-star unit, the leader effect is Coercion. If the unit attacks and you see the skill activating, the enemy target will be unable to counter attack. What's more, if leader unit gives the skill all unit in the party will also have it for the duration of the battle.

Please do note that there is a maximum capacity of 50 per player only.

One note of advice for players who might not know. The friend unit seen or can be borrowed from friends, is the *first unit of the active party. So be careful when leveling up units, sometimes that might happen and you support turns to an underleveled one.

Friend Codes Edit

If you need friends put in on this page. We'll just update this everytime when needed.

If you need specific help I'll be willing to purge my old list and add newcomers to the game.

5456934838 or search Shawn - My support is ArchAngel 7★ (Light), Status + 21 for self, has a Permanent or a very tanky Busho 7★ (Light)

5276560713 or search JoZerph - My unit: 7★ Archer Lv 50